Flora Fauna Activation - vacation style

( ATTENTION Hunters! the logs from Iceland are now online at wwff.co )

This summer we had a trip planned to Iceland, and what comes more
naturally than to bring some HF gear along.. like a 12m fibreglass pole
and radio and wires etc. etc. :-)

Said and done we landed with all our stuff, and i mean ALL our stuff
because it turned out we needed a whole extra suitcase for the gear
but hey, if thats what it takes..right.

Anyways, Iceland has 4 FF areas, not more than you can do i a 3
week trip around the beautiful island. so we decided to go for it.

First activation was done on July 20th from TFFF-003 Snefellsjokull
National Park, and below you will find some images from that day.

Snefellsjokull National Park July 20th 2013

Next came TFFF-002

Skaftafell National Park July 26th 2013

Then it was area TFFF-001

Jökulsárgljúfur National Park July 29th 2013

Finally we reached area TFFF-004

Tingvellir National Park August 4th 2013

All in all it was super fun, and we worked 406 QSO's in total.
a big thank you to all of you who made in to our log, and also
to all of you who tried. the pileups were hard to believe at times,
i certainly havent tried that before, but you guys made it worth
the extra hassle it was to haul all that gear to the pearl of the north atlantic

..... THANKS ......

DX Cluster