CQ machine - a tool for fieldday and general /P use

As i am involved in Flora Fauna activation, and i enjoy operating /P,
i do alot of CQ calling. In flora-fauna you have to repeat not only
your personal call, but also the FF reference number.

So i have for some time now been looking for a voice keyer or
CQ machine, which ever you prefer. I have now settled for the
kit version developed by Oliver ( DH8BQA ) and sold by funkamateur.de

This is what the module looks like. it's ment to be mounted in the MH-31 mic
instead of the factory PCB. it can be configured to run Icom, Kenwood or
in my instance, Yaesu mic's.

My intention however was to put it in a box and run it with a headset from
my car with the Yaesu FT-857D.

So i found a suitable metal enclosure and mounted 3.5mm connectors for the
mic input and the PTT switch. The big switch on top is the replacement for the
"Fast" switch on the stock mic. And this is the button that controls the recording
and playback of the voice keyer.

The audio for the headphones comes from the front head of the 857.

Side look with mic-in and PTT connectors. Rec/playback switch at the bottom.

I initially had some problems with RF feedback so i had to coil the lead going to
the radio 8 times on a FT114-43 toroid. That took care of my problem.

It is now tested and adjusted and it runs very very fine indeed. Good strong
modulation and the record/playback functions perfectly. This is one gadget im
really gonna use and enjoy when im in the field as /P.

Finished product.. no more endless calling CQ on and on and on :-)

DX Cluster